The Outsourcing Myth

March 21, 2005


The Outsourcing Myth

The April 2005 issue of Wired Magazine has interesting subject matter on the “infoporn” page. “The Outsourcing Myth”  provides information on the state of outsourcing. As people who go by facts probably already know, U.S. companies import more jobs than they export — $18 billion worth in 2003 ($43.5B outsourced; $61.4B insourced). Most of the jobs insourced in the U.S. are corporate legal and accounting jobs according to the article.

Some other numbers;

           Outsourced   Insourced
           ==========   =========
U.S.           $43.5B      $61.4B
U.K.           $19.7B      $41.2B
Germany        $41.4B      $26.5B
France         $23.2B      $23.1B
Netherlands    $21.0B      $20.1B
India          $11.8B      $18.6B
Japan          $24.7B      $17.4B
Austria        $16.6B      $13.8B
Singapore       $9.2B      $13.0B
China           $8.0B      $10.4B

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