Podcasting is out of control

August 9, 2005


Podcasting is out of control

Even though I think Podcasting is great for time-shifting professionally produced material, it’s getting a little out of control in Podcast land with everybody taking a shot at being their own radio station.

First of all, not everyone is fun/interesting/tolerable to listen to. Secondly, why would I want to listen to someone drone on about a topic for 10-20-30 minutes when I could have skimmed and digested the same material in a few seconds or a couple of minutes had it been available in written form. Third, how am I supposed to find relevant material within the audio.

Until Google can accurately transcribe and make audio streams searchable, and…

Until the technology can somehow take a person’s insipid commentary and make it into an interesting broadcast-quality piece, and …

Until the technology is there to listen to audio streams at high speeds without the chipmunk effect…

… I will keep my 0.5 sec. attention-span on Podwriters (a.k.a. bloggers).





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