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PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA during Vista Installation

November 25, 2006

I was having trouble installing Windows Vista on an HP Pavilion zd8000. Repeated attempts yielded the same result — during the “copying files” phase, the machine would blue screen with a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA STOP error. STOP errors are typically hardware-related, so I went through the drill and disabled anything out of the ordinary in the BIOS Read More

Virtual Machines = Developer Productivity

September 5, 2006

Joe Brinkman made an excellent post today (Repaving in a Virtual World) about the painful experience of dealing with the crapware most computer manufacturers force on us and the odyssey of re-installing software. About six months ago, I got fed-up with the cycle and decided to end it once and for all by switching entirely Read More

DotNetNuke Factoid

September 5, 2006

DotNetNuke forums user odontech has posted an excellent collection of DNN-related links which I am reproducing here:   DotNetNuke Factoid Community · A community of over 300,000 members · [link] Within the top 25 Open Source Projects at (by Page Views)   Performance Scalability · [link] Web Farm Support · High Traffic Reference Sites Read More

Mono VB.Net Compiles “Hello World”

September 5, 2006

One of my favorite moments at the last PDC occurred just after a few of us (i.e. Shaun Walker, myself and a couple of other DotNetNuke Core Team members) had stopped by the fulfillment room to pick up The Goods. Just outside, we bumped into Miguel de Icaza. For the next ~10 minutes, primarily Shaun and Miguel schmoozed Read More

Syllable – My First Look

September 3, 2006

Yesterday, my mailbox contained a package that I was eagerly awaiting – Syllable v0.6.0a. Syllable is an open source Operating System that has been around for some time, but is now steadily picking up steam. I like it because it has the simplicity, polish and a lot of the functionality of the now defunct BeOS. Read More

">Locked assemblies when using

September 3, 2006

Several of you tried the tip in Speeding-up DNN Module Development and emailed to report that this does work, but on occasion, the assemblies in the private assembly folder are locked during development. I did some testing to find the cause and a solution. Background: Assemblies in the “bin” folder are automatically shadow copied to a different Read More

Test Harness for DNN ISearchable

August 28, 2006

Testing an implementation of the DNN ISearchable interface implementation for a module can be time-consuming and slow if you rely on the DNN search engine indexer to run and then either check the database for results or use the Search UI. There is a simpler way. Copy and paste the below script into DNNSearch.aspx (or grab the Read More

Web 2.0 Design Guidelines (follow-up)

August 16, 2006

Wouldn’t you know it…I post a spoof about Web 2.0 Design Guidelines and the very next day discover a site that dynamically generates Web 2.0 logos. Here’s the devTao Web 2.0 logo rendered by the site:   Get your own Web 2.0 logo here:

Kiko — Great and Dead

August 16, 2006

Note to startups — When coming-up with marketing language for your site, pay attention or you will end-up with self-fulfilling prophecies. “Kiko is a great, dead simple calendar” might not have been the most appropriate choice of words for Kiko.

Speeding-up DNN Module Development

August 16, 2006

On the DotNetNuke forums today, jstemper posed a question about how to speed up DNN development, specifically, the delay caused by app re-start when a module is recompiled. I have invested a considerable amount of time researching the intricacies of Fusion probing to faciliate the co-existence of third-party assemblies with different versions in the same Read More

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