Enabling RSS icon in IE7

February 1, 2006


Enabling RSS icon in IE7

The IE7 toolbar has an RSS icon that is ordinarily grayed-out, but lights up when visiting certain web pages.

Clicking the icon displays a list of feeds available on the page. When
you select a feed you see a formatted version of the feed along with
options to subscribe to the feed and change the sort order of items.
Once you subscribe to the feed, it gets added to the “Favorites Center”
which you can open to organize your feeds or view them.

If you are a web developer and have made RSS feeds available on your
web pages, you can make discovery and subscription of these feeds
easier for IE7 users by adding a few elements to your page
that announce the presence of the feeds. Adding
tag to the page Head with the correct
attributes will do the trick. For example, my blog has the following:

rel=”alternatetype=”application/rss+xmltitle=”My RSS Feedref=”http://blogs.speerio.net/peerio/SyndicationService.asmx/GetRss” /> 

As you can see, this is quite simple; you just have to add the
attributes “rel,” type,” “title,” and “ref”. This is a simple
addition that will instantly make your RSS feeds easier to

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