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September 5, 2006


DotNetNuke Factoid

DotNetNuke forums user odontech has posted an excellent collection of DNN-related links which I am reproducing here:


DotNetNuke Factoid


· A community of over 300,000 members

· [link] Within the top 25 Open Source Projects at (by Page Views)




· [link] Web Farm Support

· High Traffic Reference Sites

· [link] DotNetNuke itself handles ~ 15 million pageviews daily

· [link] Georgia Institute of Technology > 10 million pageviews daily

· [link] > 6 million pageviews daily

· [link] Transperth > 6 million pageviews daily

· [link] National Rugby League > 4 million pageviews daily

· [link] South Australian Central > 4 million pageviews daily

· [link] Vinum Canada ~ 1 million pageviews daily

· [link] University of Texas El Paso ~ 1 million pageviews daily


· Public Registration
Allows the general public to sign up for accounts.

o [link] CAPTCHA
Prevents people from writing programs to create accounts.

· [link] Security Groups
Allows site users to be placed into groups.

o Group Settings

§ Auto Assignment
Automatically assigns new users into the role.

§ Public Role
Allows users to subscribe/unsubscribe into different roles.

§ Private Role
Prevents users from changing their assignmment to a role.

· Page Level Security

o Allows security settings on a page level basis

§ Ability to View Page

§ Ability to Edit Page

· Module Level Security

o Allows security settings to be set on modules placed on pages

§ Ability to View Module

§ Ability to Edit Module

§ (Custom settings available on a per module basis)


· [link] Over 70 skins listed on Salaro

· [link] Over 500 skins listed on SnowCovered


· Over 30 Core Modules

o [link] Account LogIn

o [link] [project page] Announcements

o [project page] Blog

o [link] Banner

o [project page] Chat

o [link] [project page] Contacts

o [link] Discussion

o [link] [project page] Documents

o [link] [project page] Events List / Calendar

o [link] [project page] FAQs

o [link] [project page] Feedback

o [project page] Forum

o [project page] Gallery

o [project page] Help

o [link] [project page] IFrame

o [link] Image

o [link] [project page] Links

o [project page] Map

o [project page] Media

o [link] [project page] News Feed (RSS)

o [project page] Reports

o [project page] Repository

o [project page] Store

o [link] [project page] Search

o [link] [project page] Survey

o [link] [project page]Text/HTML

o [link] User Accounts

o [link] [project page] User Defined Table

o [project page] Users Online

o [project page] Wiki

o [link] [project page] XML/XSL

· Community Developed

o [link] Over 100 modules listed on DotNetNuke

o [link] Over 700 modules listed on SnowCovered


· [link] [project page] DNN Supports multiple languages (currently 25 user submitted language packs)

Books – Five books have been published on DotNetNuke

· [link] Professional DotNetNuke 4: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0

· [link] Professional DotNetNuke ASP.NET Portals

· [link] Beginning DotNetNuke 4.0 Website Creation in C# 2005 with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express: From Novice to Professional

· [link] DotNetNuke For Dummies

· [link] Building Websites with VB.NET and DotNetNuke 3.0

Magazines / Media

· Microsoft published a 2 part webcast on DNN 4.0 (March 17, 2006)

o [part1] Overview and What’s New

o [part2] Running on ASP.NET 2.0

· Microsoft published a 6 part webcast on DNN (Jan 10 – Jan 31, 2006)

o [part1] Overview and Installation of DotNetNuke

o [part2] Working with Modules in DotNetNuke

o [part3] Programming Your Own DotNetNuke Module Using Visual Basic .NET

o [part4] Using Security Features in DotNetNuke

o [part5] Creating Skins for Your DotNetNuke Portal

o [part6] DotNetNuke Architecture and Wrap-up

· DotNet Developers Journal ran a 4 part series on DNN (Dec 2005 – Feb 2006)

o [part1] An Introduction to the DotNetNuke Application Framework (Nov 2005)

o [part2] Managing an Open Source Project for DotNetNuke (Dec 2005)

o [part3] When Design and Development First Met (Jan 2006)

o [part4] Rapid Module Development for DotNetNuke (Feb 2006)

· [link] CNet published article (July 11, 2005)

· [link] EWeek published article (April18, 2005)

· [link] Visual Studio Magazine published article (Sept 30, 2003)

Co-founder/CTO WhenHub; co-founder DNN Software; founder Edaptable; educator; Open Source proponent; Microsoft MVP; tech geek; creative thinker; husband; dad. Personal blog: Twitter: @techbubble
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