Restore Session

October 10, 2007


Restore Session

After having successfully weaned myself completely off Outlook, I decided that Internet Explorer was a good candidate to also stop using. Realistically, I doubt I can ever completely stop using IE seeing that I have develop web software and need to test with it, but I can certainly choose to not use it for everyday browsing. For two weeks now, my default browser has been Firefox. And I am loving it.

In addition to not crashing as often when I have 15-20 tabs open, the single most compelling feature for me is Firefox’s “Restore session?” dialog when you startup the browser after a not-so-clean shutdown of the computer. I love the fact that without doing anything, Firefox remembers all the tabs I had open when the event that caused my computer to “shutdown unexpectedly” occurred and brings up the browser exactly the way I had it. I am sure IE has a similar feature that I can enable after clicking around through a few dialogs, but the beauty of the Firefox solution is that I had to do nothing.

There are other things I like about Firefox, such as the pretty source code and its color-coded search, overall stability and adherence to standards, etc., but the “Restore session” feature is my favorite. 

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