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Milestones on a Rewarding Journey

November 25, 2008

Today is a big day for me for two reasons: 1) One year ago today, I moved with my family to Silicon Valley from Washington, DC, a city we love and miss very much. 2) Also today, DotNetNuke Corp., the company I co-founded, announced that we have closed on our Series A round of venture Read More

This is Our Moment

November 4, 2008

This is a defining moment for America and I am proud that my country has chosen such a transformational figure as Obama to be its next President. I was moved and inspired by his speech tonight and look forward to doing my part in moving the country forward. As a father of two little girls, Read More

Video for BlackBerry Curve 8310 on ATT

August 30, 2008

The only thing missing from my BlackBerry Curve 8310 (service with AT&T) has been video. It did not make much sense since there is a 2MP camera on the device. Posts on the CrackBerry forums pointed to availability of this feature in v4.3.1 of the device OS (now called v4.5.0). Here is a list of Read More

XHTML-Compliant Technique for Passing Parameters to Javascript Script Files

August 22, 2008

Joe Brinkman posted a technique to pass parameters to Javascript script files. The approach is simple — append a standard querystring to the script URL and obtain the parameters by locating the script element using the ID attribute, and parsing the key-value pairs from the “src” attribute. A sample usage is like this: <script id="MyScript" Read More

NSF Website on Birth of Internet

August 18, 2008

Om Malik posted about the NSF website chronicling the birth of the Internet. What a cool site. I skimmed it briefly and found this entry for 1980s: In the mid-1980s, NSF decided the time was right to try to link its regional university networks and its supercomputer centers together. This initial effort was called NSFNET. Read More

Some Thoughts on Posterous

August 17, 2008

I have been thinking on and off about Posterous since I first used it and decided to put my thoughts down in a post. Nischal asked the question “Would you stick to Posterous?” My answer today is “No” for the simple reason that it’s difficult to make the commitment to use Posterous as my primary Read More

Updating ASP.NET Assemblies

August 13, 2008

I posted a comment on Rick Strahl’s post on Server Errors when updating live Web applications online about a technique to update assemblies of live apps. I use the following approach: 1) I only keep the assemblies unlikely to change in bin (i.e. components, third-party libs etc.). I put my app’s assemblies into a sub-folder Read More

Exploring New Things

August 12, 2008

Last month, a few days before my birthday, I decided that I needed to acquire some new skills and do some new things, while broadening my knowledge of things I already know (i.e. software development). More importantly, I wanted to not spend as much time in front of the computer. Instead of posting about it Read More

iWidgets déjà vu

July 1, 2008

At the height of the dot-com boom, I founded a venture-funded startup called My vision was to have mini-apps called “widgets” that you could plug into web portals that were all the rage at the time. Unfortunately, the market was not ready for widgets back in 1999, and when the stock market took a Read More

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