Video coming to Flickr

March 16, 2008


Video coming to Flickr

Dan Farber’s report that Flickr will support video in beta next month is welcome news. As I commented on Dan’s blog, it is a big pain to share photos and videos of the same event (example:
vacation photos) using different sites. If Flickr does a good job of
making the user experience so it is context-sensitive according to the
type of media (i.e. photo or video), then I would move my videos to
Flickr and use it for sharing both photos and videos. On the other
hand, if the UX requires that photos and videos be in separate Flickr buckets, then it is not so appealing.

Currently, I am using the slick PhotoSync for WHS (review) add-in to automatically share photos on my Windows Home Server with friends and family on Flickr. Having videos sync’d up to Flickr in the same way would be wonderful.

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