Vonage = Clueless

March 19, 2008


Vonage = Clueless

This is turning out to be my rant on crappy service by companies week.

Today, after almost four years or mediocre voice quality, I finally decided to ditch my Vonage line. As required by them, I called in to cancel my account.

For 20 mins. straight, despite my increasingly urgent pleas to just cancel my account, the rep kept insisting that I stay for two additional months free and they would have a tech out to my home tomorrow to look at the problem. WTF! I can understand a couple of attempts to keep the customer, but after 20 mins. I could not take it any more and I hung up.

Vonage does not get it…these kind of pushy sales tactics are not going to help their growing decline. It will only make customers more irate and increase negative PR for them. They appear to be totally clueless.

I am going to call them again today and hope I’ll have better luck this time.

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