Speerio “Skinergy” usability controls and skin

June 19, 2005


Speerio “Skinergy” usability controls and skin

I am quite excited! I am putting the final touches on my Speerio “Skinergy” suite of tools for DotNetNuke.

After the DotNetNuke site was launched with the new skin and the usability controls for adjusting text size and layout width, I got a flood of emails asking for the controls. Since the Core Team wants to protect the DotNetNuke brand identity, releasing the DotNetNuke site skin to the community is out of the question. So I started work on creating a community version of an alternate skin.

Some significant scope creep later, we now have Speeio “Skinergy” — a suite of three usability enhancements plus one control panel enhancement all packaged in the new Speerio “Z” skin.

The enhancements are:

Text Size Control: Allows the user to choose their preferred text size for a site (remembered in cookie)

Layout Width Control: Allows the user to choose their preferred layout width for a site (remembered in a cookie)

Color Palette Control: Allows the user to choose their preferred color palette for a site (remembered in a cookie)


Admin Control Panel
: Revised DotNetNuke control panel in a popup dialog 


Got some more spit and shine to do on this package, but I fully expect to release Skinergy to the community tomorrow.

[Edit: I have posted a preview at There is a problem with the Control Panel w.r.t. postbacks and I am currently working to resolve this issue. I will release the package once I have a fix.]


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