Google online payment service

June 26, 2005


Google online payment service

Word on the street is that Google is going to have an online payment service. Since the company incorporated Google Payment Corp. in Delaware, there is a good chance this is not a wild rumor. I, for one, welcome a competitor to PayPal. Although I have been a customer since inception, I am getting a little tired of their strong-arm tactics. Many PayPal users (myself included) have had to battle with the company for everything from arbitrary limitations on accounts to dealing with clueless customer service people.

Although PayPal does a good job of customer acquisition and developer support, it has grown too fast and in the process has forgotten that it exists because of its customers. Every occasion that I have been on the phone with PayPal customer service, I have felt less valued as a customer.

Bring it on Google — I’m ready to switch.


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