Housing for those left homeless by Katrina

September 7, 2005


Housing for those left homeless by Katrina

Rick Segal has a great idea and the resources to provide housing for those left homeless by Katrina. He’s trying to get this information to someone in the government who can take action. Can you help?

Below is a synopsis of his post, and here is the post in its entirety.

“…we have a facility that can turn out homes, elder care facilities, condo projects, apartment buildings, churches, strip malls, etc, that are rated to¬†withstand 160mph wind, in effect a Cat 4 hurricane. They are cost comparable to wood, will go up fast and will stay up.

In light of all the towns that are not in the press spotlight and seeing relief trucks flying by, we thought it would be a great idea to try and go in to help rebuild some homes. Donate some homes, in kits, that can replace the structures which were destroyed. Maybe homes, maybe a senior care facility, small town heath clinic, etc. The point is that we will donate a bunch of this to try and help.”


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