Exciting week for DotNetNuke

June 10, 2007


Exciting week for DotNetNuke

Last week was a big one for DotNetNuke with two major announcements:

Visual Studio Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for 2007

This was a pleasant surprise, especially considering that last year’s winner was SharePoint and this year’s other winners are Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Expression Silverlight. You can read all about it here.

OpenForce ’07 Conference

I am very excited about the DotNetNuke OpenForce ’07 Conference for three reasons:

  • It’s the first major mainstream event for DotNetNuke, highlighting how far the project has come and how much it has grown;
  • It’s co-located with the DevConnections conference which is one of the premier conferences for Microsoft technology professionals; and
  • It’s in Vegas!!!!

I will be presenting one session and participating in one panel discussion. My session is:

DotNetNuke Modules: Beyond the Browser
DotNetNuke modules are generally designed to function with a web browser as a client. In this session you will learn how to extend your module beyond the browser and onto the desktop. We will review how to use the “Widget Toolkit” to create Vista Sidebar Gadgets and widgets for various other platforms that act as clients for DotNetNuke modules. You will learn how these same techniques can be used to quickly extend DotNetNuke to mobile clients.

The panel I will participate in is:

DotNetNuke – The Road Ahead
In this panel discussion, the four co-founders of DotNetNuke Corporation will share their vision for the company and the DotNetNuke Open Source project. The resources, approach and business model required to manage and grow a large Open Source project such as DotNetNuke are substantially different than those required for a commercial software company. Get an inside look at how DotNetNuke Corp. is addressing today’s challenges while preparing for the future.

I hope to meet many from the DotNetNuke community at the conference.

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