Naming the Web 3.0 Framework

February 11, 2008


Naming the Web 3.0 Framework

Almost exactly a year ago, Sramana Mitra offered a simple equation for Web 3.0: 4C + P + VS. I think she is right on. It’s a neat and concise way to express something quite complex. Of course, since it is only neat and concise if you know what the variables in the equation mean, here’s the long form of the equation:

Context + Commerce + Community + Content + Personalization + Vertical Search

A few days ago, Sramana requested help in naming this equation. Since I love playing with words, I was immediately drawn to this challenge. Looking over some of the suggestions posted in the comments for inspiration, I came up blank. Sramana’s suggestion of “Personal Concierge” is also not a good fit. What’s needed is a simple word or phrase that represents the equation and can be used in multiple contexts with ease. I came up with just such a word —


Here’s why I think this is the perfect word to describe the Web 3.0 equation:

  1. Google results are zero (at least at the time of this writing), so it’s a fresh new word.
  2. Hyper = Beyond; the concepts of Web 3.0 are beyond anything we have ever experienced, online or offline
  3. Hy = Highly and Per = Personalized; it’s all about a high degree of personalization
  4. We = Web; it’s all about the world wide web
  5. Ex = Experience; ultimately, context/commerce/community/content all come down to user experience
  6. Per = Personal and We = Web; Web 3.0 is about the web coming to you…the personal web
  7. We; Web 3.0 is also about social networking — “we” conveys that quite well
  8. Hype; Web 3.0 is already being hyped as the coming utopia

As you can see, Hyperwex is a great way to describe Web 3.0. Not only that, it is usable in so many different ways:

  • Hyperwexable applications will dominate the web in the future.
  • Once a person is hyperwexed, there is no going back to the sheer time waste that was Web 2.0.
  • Hyperwexing saves me time and money and makes me a better person.
  • Google today acquired two hyperwex startups to kick-start its own efforts in this space.
  • That site has a truly hyperwexory user experience. I love it.

What do you say Sramana?


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