MVP Award

April 1, 2008


MVP Award

Got word today that I have received the Microsoft MVP Award for the third time. Of course it is April 1, so it could all be a big joke. I am hoping not.

Dear Nik Kalyani,  

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008
Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way to say thank you for
promoting the spirit of community and improving people’s lives and the
industry’s success every day. We appreciate your extraordinary efforts
in ASP/ASP.NET technical communities during the past year…

I am honored. Thanks Microsoft.

Founder NftyDreams; founder Decentology; co-founder DNN Software; educator; Open Source proponent; Microsoft MVP; tech geek; creative thinker; husband; dad. Personal blog: http://www.kalyani.com. Twitter: @techbubble
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