Help for victims of Katrina

September 1, 2005


Help for victims of Katrina

If you have made a financial contribution to the Red Cross or other official charitable organizations for the victims of Katrina, forward the payment receipt to donate@speerio.net and let us know your username on Speerio.net. We will add an amount equal to your donation as a credit on the Speerio Online Store. The credit is good for current or future purchases.

People in New Orleans have lost everything and will need a lot of help in getting their lives back together. Prayers and thoughts are needed, but money is also necessary. So please give generously. If the thought of giving Hope to those whose lives are shattered is not enough incentive, I hope the thought of getting current and future Speerio products discounted by the amount of your donation will provide some motivation.

You can contribute to the Red Cross here: http://store.yahoo.com/redcross-donate/

I look forward to the opportunity to give up significant amounts of my future income in the hope of making a difference in somebody’s life today. Please give if you haven’t already done so. 

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